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Special needs for millennials:

Decay and tooth problems are on the rise in this age group.  As this generation ages, no other has been more mindful of eating right and being healthy.  So what gives? There are two things I have noticed. The first are habits we have formed about what we drink.  We are used to walking around with a coffee, a latte, a soda, some tea in a yeti; we are all about beverages.  Generally, none of those are good for our teeth.

Another trend I have noticed is that people used to get ready for bed– put on pajamas, wash up, brush up, etc.  What I hear from people now is they binge-watch, game, play, or Instagram until they drop into bed. Neglecting the traditional routines of getting ready for bed has a big impact on oral health.

The benefits of being Millennial include our emerging understanding of how oral conditions affect the rest of the body, including diabetes, preterm and low weight births, and heart disease.  

Millennials as a group have been raised with an awareness of a beautiful smile, so all the above reasons make it important for them to have an ongoing relationship with a dentist they trust.

Millennials are a little different from other generations.

People used to come to the dentist and ask for our opinion. A millennial usually visits a dozen google sites and comes to us to reinforce what they have learned and receive specified treatment. Happily, the biggest problem with self-diagnosis is the situation is not as bad as Google makes it out to be. Having read about the benefits online, a millennial may spend a couple of hours shopping to see what other people are experiencing and an hour making homemade charcoal toothpaste because they want things to be natural or to whiten their teeth.  

What do we recommend for you as Millennials?

Come in, see how it feels. You are used to choices: vegan or paleo, gluten-free or carbo-loading, etc.  Our goal is to give you the treatment you need while respecting the ideals you hold. We try to combine old fashioned friendly with all the modern conveniences and do our best to deliver it your way.  

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