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Invisalign is a proven way to achieve certain orthodontic results for many patients

Aesthetics are important. While many orthodontic testaments are about health, and improving real quality of life for patients, straight teeth and tooth alignment concerns (malocclusion) are very important procedures. Invisalign helps solve a lot of problems caused by traditional treatments for misaligned teeth, like braces. Invisalign can treat overbite, underbite, tooth crowding and other important mouth health issues as well as aesthetic improvements.

Invisalign is a company that has combined a n innovative set of materials, with important technologies that utilize input from your dental provider, in conjunction with data models, machine learning and real world data points to improve the treatment of malocclusion.

How is Invisalign different – why might it be a better solution to fix your smile?

Straightening teeth and solving tooth crowding issues are detnal concerns that are traditionally solved by using braces. But even with “newer” technologies like Lingual Braces, ceramic Braces, self-ligating Braces and traditional brace technology improvements, there is a lot left to be desired when using traditional methods.  

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Cost of Invisalign:

Invisalign is generally pretty comparable to alternative malocclusion treatments or orthodontic treatments. But every single patient has different needs and slightly different treatment cycles.

We can offer unique insights to pricing at your consultation that will help to determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign.

Because there are a lot of variations in the treatment durations, the difficulty of your treatment needs, and the specific goals you want to achieve, it’s not possible to give an exact treatment cost without an initial consult first.

For the most part, many of our patients feel the value proposition of Invisalign is very good. We can also help you find financing options, and we offer competitive pricing for all our dental services relative to other dental professionals.

Timeline for Invisalign Clear Aligners:

Every patient is different, but a ballpark figure for treatment duration for a majority of cases is between 6 months and 18 months. This is dependent on the specific patient needs and the condition of the teeth.

More Information about Invisalign:

You can visit the invisalign website HERE.

We invite you to come in and get a custom-tailored consultation for Invisalign treatment in our office. You can contact us HERE.

Invisalign is a globally recognized and proven treatment for malocclusion (tooth alignment concerns). The product is a combination of technology, and innovative materials use that allows you to utilize a series of progressive plastic trays that are made form a plastic that is safe for use in the mouth, and does not include BPA in the formulation. These trays are gently changed throughout the course of treatment to move teeth comfortably, in conjunction with other orthodontic procedures that can help improve your dental health and quality of life, as well as the look of your smile.

A proprietary process utilizes the technology and in-house laboratories to continue to update and make new trays to ensure you have optimal transitions, comfort and progression to fix tooth alignment. Generally, Invisalign is a more comfortable, better looking, and easier treatment to align teeth into your perfect smile. 

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Frequently asked questions about Invisalign and alternatives to traditional braces in Hemet

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a proprietary system for treating Malocclusion (teeth that aren’t aligned properly). It’s an orthodontic treatment that uses scans of the mouth in conjunction with clear plastic aligner trays that fit very closely to your teeth and help to gently and gradually move teeth into the optimal positions.

Invisalign treatment is done in conjunction with your primary orthodontic provider, who is consistently able to adjust the trays to achieve the right outcomes to provide a custom-tailored solution for those who would otherwise be using traditional orthodontics like braces. Invisalign is generally considered to be less invasive, more comfortable, and easier to assimilate into, thanks to the better aesthetics, and more specific treatment adjustment capabilities, as well as the fact that the aligner trays can be removed by the patient at any time. 

What are the benefits of choosing Invisalign?

The following aspects of Invisalign and generally considered to be beneficial relative to other treatments for Malocclusion:

  • It’s a treatment made specifically for your individual mouth and dental needs
  • The Invisalign trays offer the same types of progressive tooth movement as traditional braces but are virtually undetectable in the mouth
  • The generally day-to-day mouth health maintenance can be easier than traditional braces because the trays are removable and the teeth don’t have brackets and wires to contend with (making flossing and brushing easier)
  • Any food or drink can be used with Invisalign – simply remove the trays and replace them when you are done eating, into a clean mouth
  • There aren’t any sharp features in the Invisalign treatment, so gums tongue and the inside of the mouth are going to be more comfortable – you can even play sports with them in place
  • Pain and discomfort are minimal compared to alternative treatments
  • Generally, in most cases, there are less total visits to adjust to changes in the movement of teeth, so it can save time and effort throughout the entire treatment cycle
  • Your Dentist or Orthodontist is very involved in the process, so treatments are streamlined and built just for you
  • You can see changes visually as you progress
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the trays is easy
  • The aesthetics/looks and overall confidence that comes with wearing Invisalign is likely to result in a higher quality of life throughout the treatment

Can Invisalign work for me?

Every patient has different needs, background and goals, and so it’s impossible to be sure without seeing a dental provider directly. Generally, a large portion of those seeking orthodontics will be within the parameters that Invisalign can treat. An-in office visit or a comprehensive consultation will be the most important variable in determining if Invisalign will work for your needs. 

An initial scan, and some work by the Doctor will ensure that Invisalign is the appropriate remedy for your orthodontic needs. 

A large portion of patients looking for orthodontic remedies are eligible for treatment using Invisalign. 

Is Invisalign appropriate for children and teens?

Invisalign is specifically for responsible patients that have already gotten their second molars, and who are above the age of 14. Younger patients haven’t quite gotten to the point where tooth growth and movement is as predictable and stable as patients that meet this criteria. Invisalign is also a preferred treatment for specific types of Malocclusions, and not all of them. Dr. Formica can help you understand whether you or your child is a good candidate for Invisalign.

Are there major differences with Invisalign compared to traditional Orthodontic treatments?

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Will Invisalign be comfortable for me?

Traditional braces are generally less comfortable than Invisalign. Some of the tightness, movement progression and discomfort will be minimized while using Invisalign when compared to more traditional orthodontic treatments. 

While there is a possibility of some mild and temporary discomfort, there won’t generally be a painful transition while using Invisalign. 

Additionally, Invisalign uses a proprietary technology stack to improve the fitment and provide specific aligner trays that are built exactly for your mouth, instead of using off-the-shelf components and cementing them into place on your teeth. As a result of being built in a custom-tailored way, Invisalign is generally a very comfortable and special-built treatment that has numerous benefits over the course of treatment. 

Are there any special restrictions I will have if I use invisalign?

It’s best to consult directly with the dentist about any treatment, as all treatments will be specific to your dental health.

But generally here are some concepts that should give you a bit more context about the Invisalign treatment planning:


  • You shouldn’t eat with Invisalign in your mouth – cleaning your teeth and replacing the aligners in your mouth as soon as possible is a best practice. 
  • You can play some sports with Invisalign in your mouth, but some should be avoided, including combat sports (e.g. MMA or boxing), or sports where they may be a lot of contact and aggressive play (e.g. Rugby, etc.). The doctor can give specific recommendations on your needs, but many sports like running and cycling, tennis, etc., can be played with clear aligners in your mouth.  
  • You generally shouldn’t drink highly acidic or colored drinks with the Invisalign aligners in place – it’s the best practice to remove them while drinking anything other than water.
  • Invisalign aligners are intended to be worn more than 22 hours a day, so while they may be more convenient and comfortable than traditional orthodontic treatments, there is still a commitment involved
  • There may be some minor, mostly temporary changes to the way your speech sounds while you adjust to having the Invisalign aligner in your mouth
  • Generally, Invisalign can treat Malocclusions like crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, crossbites, and open bite, but it doesn’t treat every orthodontic concern for everyone
  • Invisalign is really just for patients who are above about the age of 14, and who have already gotten their second molars 

Why was an alternative to traditional Orthodontic treatments created?

Braces can be uncomfortable, unsightly for some users, and they aren’t conducive to living an active, or sports-centric lifestyle for some patients. 

Braces and other treatments for Malocclusion are generally not innovative and haven’t been changed for years and decades. 

The goal for many people who elect to work on orthodontic treatments are for aesthetic purposes, and braces aren’t aligned with that concept sometimes. 

For those that have already had other major work in their mouths to fix health concerns, may now be considering working on the look of their smile, and Invisalign can be a great alternative to braces for those that are eligible for treatment. 

The process of traditional treatments that Invisalign is considered a direct alternative for, are long, uncomfortable and often have hiccups – Invisalign is generally more consistent in timelines and outcomes, and involves your dental care provider intimately to ensure changes are immediate and effective. 

What do you need to know about Invisalign before you can make an informed decision?

If you read the above FAQ’s you can get a good feel for whether you’d like to explore Invisalign. But every treatment for your dental health should be custom designed for your needs. We recommend that you come and meet with Dr. Formica and the staff in the office to get the best picture of your options.

  • Are you interested in straightening teeth, or have a Malocclusion concern, and want to get it treated as comfortably as possible? Invisalign might be for you.
  • Are you generally put off by the look or perceived feel/discomfort of braces, but want to explore a straighter or more comfortable smile? Invisalign might be a great option.
  • Are you prioritizing your dental health and a bit self conscious about your smile? You may be able to explore Invisalign as part of a treatment to achieve your dental/smile goals.

The easiest way to determine if Invisalign is right for you, is to come in for a consultation and talk to us face to face. Alternatively you can Email us at [email protected] or call 951-925-6444 and we’ll answer your questions to the best of our ability.

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