For Kids

Child with brush


It may sound strange, but there are some people who think, “Why care for baby teeth, they are just going to fall out?”

There are lots of great reasons to take care of our first teeth. For one, baby teeth act as guides that help direct our permanent teeth into place; the permanent tooth just follows the baby tooth into the right spot.  When baby teeth are lost prematurely, the adult teeth drift or get crowded out.

Second, the way we are taught to brush and care for our baby teeth train us for a lifetime of good hygiene for our permanent teeth.   One of the major causes of decay is poor hygiene. Dentists are an important part of training young people to take care of themselves.

Cavities are becoming more prevalent, not less.  It is always easier, cheaper and healthier to catch cavities when they are small.

Another good reason to bring kids in for regular check ups is to find hereditary or developmental issues that may exist.  For example, missing teeth due to genetics or jaws that are not growing adequately. Some of these things need early intervention and timing can determine success or failure.


New things and new places can make us nervous.  We run a happy place. We like kids, I think it is because we never quite grew up all the way.   We treat kids like people and show them everything, so they do not have to worry. We love it when kids have a great appointment and reward them with some of the best prizes you’ve seen.  Click here to see some of the prizes. Kids are curious, we love to answer questions, so if you are wondering just ask. 

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